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Week 1: Beef with Beansprouts

First week of the new year. I was feeling a little bit apprehensive about what to cook and didn’t want to throw myself at the deep end. So I sat down with my cookery books and picked out an easy looking recipe from Ching-he Huang’s Fast Food. 
This was the picture I found of it on the internet (as I’m posting from the future I didn’t have the foresight to take pictures but will be doing going forward)
My resultant food didn’t look like this but it did look pretty good!
The recipe was pretty easy and you can find a link a copy of it here: Beef with beansprouts
Basically you take beef, beansprouts and spring onion, fry it dead quickly and then serve with noodles. Flavourwise I think it needed a bit more garlic and chilli to give it a bit of kick but it did taste really really healthy – 399 calories for the recipe plus rice or noodles.  
Mr Gem gave it a 6 out of 10.
Not a bad start but I can do better!


Mum, wife, marketing bod. Wine, fizz, gin, chocolate and book lover. Secret eater and snack hider. Home cook and amateur blogger. Embracing the new challenge of cooking new and tasty dishes whilst getting a boisterous baby boy bathed and bedded and keeping a hangry tired husband distracted til tea time!

One thought on “Week 1: Beef with Beansprouts

  1. I think i acidentally commented on my own blog with this so I’ll repeat: Thanks a lot. Thats a solid compliment from an experienced food blogger. I’m only beggining but I thought it’d be nice to talk about two passtimes of mine and Im glad you like it. Beeing a foodie I Had to have a look at your blog, much more in depth food-talk than mine, really cool. Liked the looks of the Beef n beansprout dish in particular, may have to sample!

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