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Week 4 – Asian Style Salmon with Noodle Broth

A lot of the time when I’m looking for a new recipe it depends on the ingredients I have in my fridge/freezer. We tend to eat a lot of Salmon but its hard to thing of new and interesting things to do with this. In my recipe book trawls of week 4 I found a recipe in Jamie Oliver’s 30 Minute Menu’s for Asian Salmon and Noodle Broth. 
It sounded delicious and broth isn’t something we have in our house very often so I thought I’d give it a whirl. The recipe is quite long but really easy to follow – and there is a copy of it on this website 
It was really easy to cook although it did take me a lot longer than 30 minutes. I think its because I’m pretty disorganised in the kitchen and really can’t be bothered to weigh everything out first and then chop it. I also like the cooking process and don’t like being so clinical in my approach – I suspect this is why I’ll never be a chef. 
Here is a picture of what it might have looked like if I’d taken a picture of it – however I have had to borrow this from the internet – these days will soon be over though! 
The meal was delicious – the salmon was so flavoursome and the broth was really fresh. I’m trying to avoid wheat a bit at the minute so made it with rice noodles rather than the usual noodles and it was just as good. 
In the book Mr Oliver serves this with a beansprout salad which I didn’t make and we were more than satisfied with the salmon and broth. 
Mr Gem really enjoyed this – I think its because the skin on the salmon was really really crispy and he is partial to a bit of crispy skin. 


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