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Week 21 and 23 – Chilli Beef Enchiladas and Spring Rolls

Ok – so I’ve made an error. I missed a week! I’ve officially failed my new years resolution – but I’m thinking that I’ve made more than 23 new dishes so far this year so I’ll take a reserve dish and try and do better. In fairness I did attempt something new in week 22 – but it actually ended up to be just chicken curry using chicken on the bone and was pretty disgusting so thats all I’m going to say about that.

So here I am again playing catch up. But I have a new lease of life! This week I’ve been to the gym, made a birthday card for my friend and am updating my blog and its only Monday…this is a whole new me! A half year resolution if you will. I’m also never drinking wine at public events but this is not the place for that little tale of shame.

Week 21 – Chilli Beef Enchiladas

You may have gathered by now that I’m not so much a fan of the English Fayre – I do like it but I just prefer other cuisines. Particularly Mexican – my repertoire usually only includes Fajitas and Nachos but this week I found a recipe on the back of a tortilla wrap packet (of all places) for Chilli Beef Burritos. I’d always thought that you needed to cook the chilli in the sauce and then wrap it all up in the tortilla and cover in cheese then bake. But, this time I made the chilli beef mixture – mince, onions, garlic, fresh chilli and fried it all up – I also added cumin and chilli powder. In a separate pan I made the tomato sauce bit, chopped tomatoes, chilli powder, cumin and balsamic (I always add balsamic to tomato based sauces – I know that it isn’t traditional but I don’t mind)

Then I wrapped the chilli in the tortillas, THEN coated in sauce and grated cheese over the top and baked it. The result was a really lovely dish – for me. Mr Gem prefers a bit of crispiness in his tortilla…but you can’t please everyone!

And in another note – please enjoy the picture as to get it from my camera I had to scroll past the photographic evidence of my drunken night which means I will be avoiding wine in public in future. *shudder*

Week 23 – Spring Rolls

I was SO excited when I found spring roll wrappers in Morrisons. I’ve been meaning to go to the Chinese supermarket in town for ages but I don’t want to go by myself, I’m a total wuss. Maybe I’ll go soon. So when I found the spring roll wrappers on my weekly shop it was a pretty good day (I know I’m a bit of a loser but hey!) So Week 23 was the first time I would ever attempt my own spring rolls… it was a bit of an unmitigated disaster.

It started really well. Me and Mr Gem decided to make these together in a sort of production line. I made the mix, which was Pork mince, chilli, spring rolls, carrots, sweetcorn, chinese 5 spice, ginger and garlic with a bit of rice wine. Once the mix has was done we soaked the wraps in water. Mr Gem proceeded to add the filling whilst I wrapped them – he did attempt one but it ended up as a dumpling!

So the picture you will see is of the spring rolls before stage two, frying them – now you’d think this would be the easy part – but no. I dropped the first batch into the oil and for some reason the wrappers started to blow up – like giant waterballoons. So we tried to rescue them but it just ended up a pile of mince and vegetables and waterballoons. So batch 1 went in the bin and batch 2 went in the oven. It was pretty funny but disappointing none the less.

The spring rolls from the oven were delicious but not as crispy as I would like, I would say this recipe definitely needs more work…!

But the last few weeks have taught me that I will not make a success of every recipe I’ve ever made but its still fun to try! And if it goes wrong it’ll probably still be edible! (apart from the chicken leg curry!) I should have took a pic for the bloopers reel!



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