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Week 7: Leek and Caerphilly Crumble

Hello and welcome to week 7! This weeks recipe was partially inspired by a lovely savoury crumble recipe posted by the lovely Johnny – which you can read all about here – who got me thinking that a savoury crumble would be the sort of comfort food I would love to eat. It was also partially inspired by a fridge full of leeks purchased on a hung over shopping trip. I should learn not to shop when I’m tired hungover probably still drunk, but I found a recipe which allowed me to turn an abundance of leeks into, and I quote, “The best Monday night tea I have ever had” according to Mr Gem anyway.

Leek and Caerphilly Crumble


As I said I had an abundance of leeks and a distinct lack of funds so this recipe suited me down to the ground, I found it on the Good Food Website – it was so simple to make (I used shop bought pastry as it was a school night but I’d make it with home-made pastry in future as I think it tastes better).

The recipe was easy to make, chop the leeks and fry them in butter then leave to cool. I added garlic to the leeks. I also cooked some leftover bacon under the grill until it was crispy to add the sauce. Whilst the leek and bacon are cooling beat the eggs, mustard, seasoning and cheese together, I also added the bacon chopped into strips to the egg and cheese mix. Line the leeks on the bottom of the blind baked pastry case then pour the cheese and egg mixture over and bake in the oven for 20 minutes.

Whilst the pie is in the oven mix the breadcrumbs, cheese and nuts together, after 20 minutes take the cooked pie out of the oven, top with the crumble and add back to the oven for 10 mins until its golden brown and crusty.


I served with a side salad in a weak attempt to offset the pastry, cheese diet killer! Calorie count aside this was a delicious midweek dinner and the leftovers at lunch the next day were even better. I forget how much I enjoy a good pie, I’ll certainly be keeping an eye out for another pie recipe soon. And of course thanks to Johnny for the inspiration!



Mum, wife, marketing bod. Wine, fizz, gin, chocolate and book lover. Secret eater and snack hider. Home cook and amateur blogger. Embracing the new challenge of cooking new and tasty dishes whilst getting a boisterous baby boy bathed and bedded and keeping a hangry tired husband distracted til tea time!

2 thoughts on “Week 7: Leek and Caerphilly Crumble

  1. -Fabulous! I’m so glad you tried this version as I’m going to be, soon. At the moment I can’t get my hands on decent leeks, as I’d needed them for my post published earlier this evening. I’ll have to wait and buy leeks with lots of white and pale green on them. Nice combination with the addition of the crispy bacon and Caerphilly cheese. And I’m pleased the recipe you followed adds mustard, too. It really must be an English thing to do so.
    -And thanks so much for the shout out!

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