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Week 10 – Chicken Chow Mein

So the phone debacle is over – the insurance cheque came in and I have a new phone – with all my old stuff on it thanks to iTunes back up! So now that my life has its equilibrium back I can get back to cooking.

As I mentioned in the last post Mr Gem and I are on a bit of a health kick so I am all about the healthy recipes. I love Chinese and Asian cooking for low fat healthy meals and this week was no different.

Chicken Chow Mein


Interestingly chow mein does not refer, as I thought, to the sauce but to the fried noodles in the dish. There actually isn’t a sauce to go with chow mein when made traditionally. I used a recipe by Ching Huang – I’m a big fan of her recipes – you can find this one here on BBC food.

This meal was really simple to put together – marinate the chicken in the spices. While the chicken is marinating, cook the noodles according to the packet instructions (I like cooking but lift is far too short to make your own noodles) – then drain the noodles and rinse in cold water then toss through some sesame oil to keep the noodles from sticking. 

Heat a drop of oil in the pan and throw in the chicken and vegetables, stirring constantly until its cooked through, then add in the noodles and stir together over the heat. At this point I deviated from the recipe because I’m a fan of saucy dishes (ahem) so I ramped up the amounts of the marinade so that I had a bit over to create a bit of a sauce which I added to the noodles and chicken.

To serve simply pop in a bowl topped with some raw spring onion and a dash of soy. Absolutely delicious, and so simple to make. Much better than a salty takeaway any day!



Mum, wife, marketing bod. Wine, fizz, gin, chocolate and book lover. Secret eater and snack hider. Home cook and amateur blogger. Embracing the new challenge of cooking new and tasty dishes whilst getting a boisterous baby boy bathed and bedded and keeping a hangry tired husband distracted til tea time!

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