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Eating Seasonal

I’m not sure how is happened but recently I’ve developed a conscience. I’m all about trying to buy local – which is INCREDIBLY difficult – my latest shopping spree found only two UK products – mushrooms and onions. Ridiculous – I’m thinking I will have to start going to farmers markets. So trying to shop local is making me try to understand seasonal produce – obviously in the supermarkets you can buy whatever you want whenever you want it – the only problem is you end up buying tomatoes from morocco and strawberries from Thailand, sometimes it boggles my mind that this is the way of the world!

Anyway – I happened across a website that I suspect I’ll be visiting regularly – it’s The Good Fish Guide page which aims to help consumers buy fish from responsible sources by highlighting what fish is in season. Currently its mussels so I’m going to make a mussel dish for my dish of the week this week…assuming I can get hold of any mussels!



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