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Week 16 – Prawn and Chorizo Paella

It has to be said that new blog posts are a bit like buses on Kitchen Gems – nothing for weeks and then 2 come along at once!! However read it and weep because here is my second post of the evening! And its a goody so I’ll get right on it without any more preamble.

Prawn and Chorizo Paella

Perfect with a glass of wine!

Now I call this Paella but its more of a cross between a Paella and a Risotto because I can’t get the crispy bottom on my Paella as I don’t have the right pan…

I loosely followed a recipe from Good Food Websitebut essentially to make a good paella you need risotto or paella rice, stock, and anything to flavour it plus fish and meat. This was a great recipe though and the flavour was incredible.

I love the colours and flavours in Spanish cooking

To make the base of the paella fry the onion, garlic and chorizo over a low heat until the onions have softened. Then add the rice and stir thoroughly so the rice is coated with all the lovely flavours. Then add your stock – all in one go (which is so much easier than a risotto – no relentless stirring) and flavours and vegetables then simmer until the rice has soaked up most of the liquid and is cooked through. Just before serving add your cooked prawns just long enough for them to warm through – don’t leave them in too long or they go so hard and rubbery and not nice.

To serve squeeze a lemon wedge over the dish.

I love paella and risotto so I’m biased but I thought this recipe was simple to make, lovely to eat. Mr Gem really enjoyed this one as well so I think its a keeper!!



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