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Week 19 – Asian Trout

So it was one of those weeks wandering aimlessly around the supermarket when Mr Gem spotted some trout on offer so we bought it without really having a plan of what on earth we were going to do with it.

So I made something up. 

Asian Trout


I was a bit perturbed when I got the fish out of its wrapper and it still had fins. I love food and cooking but I’m a bit squeamish when it comes to animal bits (I know its shocking for a food liking person!) 

I’m a bit squeamish about flippers and fins

Anyway after attempting to cut the fins off and failing miserably I decided to go about cooking the fish.

I stuffed it with a butter mixed with ginger, lime, garlic and spring onion, then wrapped it in tin foil and popped it in the oven for around 20minutes, when it was done I served it with some sweet potato wedges.

Stuffed and ready to go into the oven

It was delicious, but a bit boney!




Mum, wife, marketing bod. Wine, fizz, gin, chocolate and book lover. Secret eater and snack hider. Home cook and amateur blogger. Embracing the new challenge of cooking new and tasty dishes whilst getting a boisterous baby boy bathed and bedded and keeping a hangry tired husband distracted til tea time!

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