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Week 2 – Fish and Chips, a 30 minute menu and Nachos!

Well I caught the bug after week 1 and spent the week reading cookery books. The result was that I ended up with three new menu’s this week.

Starting off on the Thursday with home made fish and chips! Again the below picture is nicked from the world wide web my own pictures are coming soon!

Again this was pretty easy to make – I didn’t work to a recipe either but Mr Gem was very impressed. With the white fish dunk it in flour, egg and blended breadcrumbs then deep fry it until it goes golden brown. Delish – just make sure you pat down the fish with kitchen roll so that you don’t have excess oil. For the chips you could use oven chips but I part boiled mine then coated in olive oil and finished in the oven. They where yummy but I think if I’d added some garlic and rosemary when cooking they would have been awesome.

8/10 for this Thursday night tea!

Then on Friday I wanted to attempt something a bit more complicated so I went for a Jamie Oliver 30 Minute Menu of Crispy Salmon, Jazzy Rice, Courgette Salad and Guacamole. It was awesome. I can’t relay the entire menu but it is Jamie Oliver 30 Minute menus.

This was my first foray into courgette and I really enjoyed it. Making my own guacamole was a challenge, but that was more due to the avocado and my ineptness rather than the recipe. Really simple to make and completely delicious.

I’d give this meal a 9/10 for all the flavour.

Of course I had left over guacamole on Saturday and what better to go with guacamole than Nachos! As I’m on a health kick I didn’t want to just buy a pack of tortilla chips so I made my own.

These are dead easy to make – all you do is get a pack of corn tortilla wraps, cut them into triangles, spray with oil spray and bake in the oven til crispy. I coated mine in salt to give them a bit of flavour. Then covered with grated cheese and salsa and heated in the oven. Simple but effective! For sheer enjoyment and ease I’d give these an 8 out of 10 – certainly not gourmet but who can resist a nacho.

Mr Gem’s Christmases all came at once this week. I hope it continues!