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Pizza Saturdays!

Well I can’t believe its been over a month since I last posted! Time flies when you’re having fun…and writing a million wedding thank you cards.

So June was a busy old month, and I’ve put myself onto the Fast Diet to try and shed some of the post wedding podge in anticipation of our Honeymoon in September. I like the Fast Diet, it’s not for everyone but for me extreme dieting two days a week is much more palatable than restricting myself everyday. Plus it means I can have pizza!



It’s always a big night at Kitchen Gems when we make pizzas, I really really enjoy making them from scratch. My pizza base recipe and tomato sauce recipe both come from Jamie’s Italy

For the Dough:

Strong white flour, salt, yeast, sugar lukewarm water (what even classes as lukewarm? I have no idea – I went for something that felt neither warm nor cold if that helps)

I love making pizza dough, I like the science of the yeast changing the shape and size of the dough. Mix the yeast and sugar into the water and set it to one side for a couple of minutes. Then make a well in your dough and add the water and yeast, mixing with a fork until it all comes together. Jamie Oliver recommends doing this on a work surface but I think Mr Gem would hit the roof if I had pizza dough all over the kitchen – I do it in a glass bowl and it works fine for me.

Once the dough has come together its time to knead it. Flour a surface and off you go, really working the dough for a good ten minutes. You’ll know when its ready because it will become smooth and spring back when you prod it. Once done roll into a ball and flour it, then cover it with cling-film and set it to one side.


For the Tomato Sauce:

Garlic, fresh basil, canned tomatoes, salt and pepper

Chop the garlic and fry in a bit of oil, add the tomatoes and basil, salt and pepper and bring to a gentle simmer. You should squish the tomatoes a bit and let it cook for 20 mins or so.

Build your pizza! Roll the dough to the size you want and then smooth some tomato sauce over it, and start topping! When you are happy with your pizza stick them in the oven at about 250 degrees for around 10 minutes.


Best served with a glass of Prosecco and Saturday night TV!